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Lemon Coconut Pound Cake



The Lemon Coconut Pound cake consist of fresh lemon, coconut extract and vanilla paste added to the original plain pound cake batter for a wonder flavor.  When you look closely at the crumb of the cake you can see the sprinkle of vanilla through out the cake crumb.  The Lemon Coconut cake has candy crust similar to the plain pound cake but it includes a lemon coconut glaze with lemon zest and grated coconut sprinkled on the top with slices of lemon for presentation purposes.



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Classic Pound Cake


The Classic Pound cake has a strong vanilla flavor and is known for a hard candy crust on the outside.  The crumb is very soft and will melt in your mouth.  The plain pound cake is traditionally served with seasonally appropriate fruit.  In June we serve it with Strawberries and vanilla ice cream!  The cake is easily frozen and re-served with a consistent freshness.  Customers have shared their delight in toasting the pound cake and adding more butter to it.  A surprising revelation in deed!!!






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Lemon Lavender Pound Cake



The Lemon Lavender Pound cake uses the same original plain pound cake batter with the strong vanilla paste flavoring and fresh lemon.  The cake also crumbled Lavender flower that has been soaked in milk.  Several customers have experienced what they describe is a peaceful feeling after consuming this unique pound cake.  This cake is quickly replacing my Signature Lemon Coconut pound cake in sales.





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